Volunteer Faculty

Orbis retains a dedicated global network of medical professionals, known as Volunteer Faculty, who provide ophthalmic education and instruction to increase our partners’ skill, service, and the quality of patient care. 

One of the most critical eye health deficits is the lack of adequately trained human resources, especially in rural areas. Orbis addresses this acute need for trained eye care professionals through a variety of setting--our unique Flying Eye Hospital, in alocal partner setting, or through our telemedicine initiative, Cybersight
Most Orbis medical volunteer opportunities are short-term, averaging one to two weeks total. Volunteer placements can be either individual or as part of a multi-disciplinary team. All volunteers are matched in accordance to requested subspecialty skill areas. Typical activities include hands-on training, surgical demonstration, diagnostic consultation and lectures. Rather than focusing on service delivery, Orbis is dedicated to the exchange of knowledge and skills. It is important that our Volunteer Faculty remain flexible, adaptable, and culturally sensitive.
Orbis credentialing requirements include board certification plus a minimum of five years experience post completion of academic training. References from two current Orbis medical volunteers are required. Orbis recruits and deploys certified experts with teaching experience in ophthalmology, anesthesiology, healthcare technology, nursing, and other related eye care fields.
We are unable to accept applications at this time. Thank you for your understanding.