It starts with vision.

“Orbis is unique because they work alongside local counterparts, building confidence and competency. It is all about Orbis’s partners, not about us. By enhancing the skills of local eye care teams, they are the ones empowered to take care of their own patient populations. This focus on self-sufficiency is a future where access to quality eye care becomes the norm and not the exception."

-Roberto Pineda, MD, Associate Professor of  Ophthalmology Harvard Medical School, Boston, Massachusetts, USA, Orbis Volunteer Faculty

The Importance of Training

Lack of adequate training for healthcare professionals is a problem around the word. Providing first-rate training is essential to solving this problem, and it's a primary component of our efforts.

We focus on increasing the skills and knowledge of our partners, and we take a team approach. We don’t just train ophthalmologists, but the entire eye health team. A team approach ultimately affects the entire eye health system and transfers from one doctor or nurse to an entire team of eye care professionals. This improves the quality of patient care standards and clinical efficiency — leading to better quality patient outcomes.

picture of people training in surgery

Orbis conducts training programs by collaborating with local hospitals, on our Flying Eye Hospital and through Cybersight. Orbis programs include training and enhancing skills of the entire eye care team in areas including pediatric eye care, cataract, glaucoma, retina, oculoplastics and diabetic retinopathy. 

See the short video below highlighting an example of how we train.