It starts with vision.

Around the world, the quality and delivery of healthcare is facing a monumental shift, facilitated by emerging technologies. Orbis Telehealth & Program Technology leverages these advancements with several tools to support eye care professionals in the field — and help those in remote regions combat their geographic isolation.


To foster collaboration between eye care professionals around the world — as well as provide advanced online tools, techniques and training — we created Cybersight. This boundary-pushing telemedicine initiative provides eye care professionals the opportunity to connect with expert mentors in other parts of the world. And it provides an opportunity to advance their skills with training and guidance that may be unavailable in their location. To learn more about Cybersight, visit the website

Medical Technology Management

Medical technology is crucial to the diagnosis and treatment of many ophthalmic diseases. Proper maintenance of medical devices and other technology systems is essential to effective and efficient patient care. We provide guiding principles, advice and other materials to educate technical resources in the field on medical equipment management and systems integration.


Information and Communications Technologies

Our Telehealth team assists in the design, development and implementation of the infrastructure required to support all of the above services. As part of our tenet of leveraging technology to serve global ophthalmological efforts, we accomplish this through the teaching, training and employment of local technical resources, thereby building the local capacity of technology experts to serve the healthcare systems we strive to strengthen.