It starts with vision.

“Orbis expands its influence by collaborating with international partners, the World Health Organization, ministries of health, NGOs, in order to provide access to quality eye health with the goal of eliminating avoidable blindness.”

- Serge Resnikoff MD, PhD,Director of Advocacy, The International Council of Ophthalmology


The Importance of Advocacy

Orbis advocates for the elevation of eye care on local government agendas and works to increase public awareness of the importance of eye health. By creating strong actionable policy to support eye health we promote access to quality eye care and increase the accessibility to eye care services.

We advocate to improve understanding of the social and economic burden of blindness and push for better access to quality eye care in the countries we work. Advocacy enables prevention and ultimately improves eye health in the community. Using evidence, effective partnerships and identifying champions to support our efforts, we look to a future where everyone has access to quality eye care.


Advocacy in Action 

  • We work with International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness to increase favorable polices for eye health and human resources for eye care in Latin America and the Caribbean
  • We helped implement India Vision 2020: The Right to Sight, part of the overall global strategy to combat blindness
  • We worked with the Ethiopian government to make it possible for ophthalmic nurses to train in basic cataract surgery
  • Orbis initiated Bangladesh's first training programs for optometrists and opticians


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