Latin America and the Caribbean

The Challenge

As many as 23 million people in Latin America and the Caribbean suffer from low vision, including 1.7 million people who are blind. The leading causes of blindness in these regions are unoperated cataract, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, uncorrected refractive errors, and corneal diseases.

Our Response

  • We’re improving eye care services in Jamaica through training and equipment capacity building
  • We work with local partners in Haiti to develop and support an eye care stabilization project to provide services to displaced persons affected by the 2010 earthquake who were living in camps
  • We treat retinal disease in Peru, especially retinopathy of prematurity

Our Presence

Orbis actively conducts long term blindness prevention projects in the Caribbean.

Success in Latin America and the Caribbean

  • In 1982, the president of Peru created the country’s first eye bank after watching a corneal transplant on board Orbis’s Flying Eye Hospital
  • We introduced Cybersight, our telemedicine initiative, to provide worldwide, internet-based ophthalmic patient consultation for free to any qualified partner in Latin America and the Caribbean
  • We trained Jamaican and Peruvian doctors on virtual-reality surgery simulators for the first time on board our Flying Eye Hospital