The Challenge

Bangladesh faces daunting challenges in delivering healthcare and quality eye care to a population struggling with high rates of visual impairment. In particular, Bangladesh’s extremely high rates of cataract-related blindness could be significantly reduced with proper health screening and better trained eye care professionals.

Our Response

  • Orbis is expanding children’s eye care services
  • We are helping with corneal blindness and diabetic retinopathy
  • We assist with human resource development
  • We advocate for national blindness prevention strategies


Our Presence

Our Flying Eye Hospital first touched down in Bangladesh in 1985. To support long-term projects we created a permanent office in Dhaka in 1999.

Since that first visit, we’ve trained nearly a thousand doctors in ophthalmic specialties such as pediatric ophthalmology, retina, vitreous humor, cataract, glaucoma and cornea. We also helped establish several pediatric eye care centers in Bangladesh and the country’s first modern eye bank.

Success in Bangladesh

  • Orbis initiated Bangladesh's first training programs for optometrists and opticians
  • We created several pediatric ophthalmology centers
  • We supported the establishment of the country’s first autonomous eye bank
  • We equipped the country’s first public pediatric eye care center
  • We established Bangladesh's first rural vision centers, introducing pediatric ophthalmology services to villagers in remote communities
  • We helped build the capacity of Sandhani Eye Bank — Bangladesh's most active, successful eye bank
  • We organized the first International Symposium and Workshop on Clinical Engineering in Bangladesh, which resulted in the establishment of the nation’s first Biomedical and Clinical Engineering Society